Last updated: July 14, 2020
2020 Honda Accord and 2020 Toyota Camry
Comparing Honda Accord and Toyota Camry

In this head to head, we compare two powerhouse brands and two legendary models that are consistent top-sellers in the sedan segment. Who sells more? Honda Accord or Toyota Camry?

Let's take a look at this chart that shows yearly sales dating back to 2005. As we can see Toyota Camry outsells the Honda Accord and in no way has the Honda Accord ever outsold the Toyota Camry.

To begin let’s take a look at the sales

Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry Sales Chart
Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry Sales Chart

And even here in 2020, we see the same trend continue.

If we take a look at 2020 sales numbers for each respective vehicle, we see Honda again lagging behind the Toyota Camry. In Jun of 2020, the numbers are close with 15,409 Honda Accord sold in Jun 2020 vs. 16,509 Toyota Camry sold.

Honda Accord Toyota Camry
Jan 2020 15099 24824
Feb 2020 18216 29245
Mar 2020 13810 23119
Apr 2020 8851 11020
May 2020 17369 21182
Jun 2020 15409 16509

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