What is a VIN Number (Vehicle Identification Number)?

A vehicle identification number (VIN) (also called a chassis number or frame number) is a unique code assigned to every motor vehicle when it's manufactured. It is used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles, electric vehicles, towed vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters.

The VIN is a 17-character string of letters and numbers without intervening spaces or the letters Q (q), I (i), and O (o); these are omitted to avoid confusion with the numerals 0 and 1. Each section of the VIN provides a specific piece of information about the vehicle, including the year, country, and factory of manufacture; the make and model; and the serial number. The VIN is defined by ISO 3779 and ISO 4030.

How to find your car's VIN number?

Usually on the driver's side dashboard. Look for your car's VIN at the front of the dashboard, on the driver's side of the vehicle. It's easiest to see your VIN from outside the car, looking in through the windshield,at the area where the hood ends and the windshield begins.

If you can't find the VIN on the car, it should be printed on your insurance cards and your vehicle's title or insurance policy documents.